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If the back pain is recently everyday life for you, do not let it go!
Give yourself more health with a massage with a strong healing effect! Return the harmony in your body and mind!
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Yumeiho massage is a healing method which is based on manual actions performed on the entire human body in order to eliminate acute or chronic pain as well as improving health. It consists of 100 devices. It is also known as "Hip-Hopping Stress-Stuffing Therapy" or "Eastern Special Divine Massage," but its true name is Yumeiho therapy. Yumeiho therapy - healing therapy, which gives a very good and rapid effect in many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Yumeiho massage is particularly suitable for general body stiffness caused by sedentary lifestyle, physical and emotional stress, depressive states, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, waist and sciatica, stiff neck and upper back pain. In the back and legs, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and migraine, nausea, gynecological problems.
Yumeiho massage is established in the healing practice of our Fullrelax Center for Classical, Medical, Professional, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage.

Yumeiho therapy - a method of increasing the vital force of the body by returning to Nature, a method of eastern special Divine Massage built as a system by Massaiouki Sayongji
When a hip-joint dislocation occurs, the body weight loses its balance on the legs and this causes harmful effects on the spine and even on the bones of the whole body. The hip dislocation also causes the pain of tension in the muscular and connective tissue and finally disturbs the circulation. This is one of the most important causes that cause illness and reduce body defenses. Hip, push-pulling, and fingers can completely eliminate bone and muscle disorders.
Manual therapeutic actions that are used for prophylaxis or recovery include:
• techniques for treating bones and joints and passive gymnastics of the joints;
• practices of acupressure and reflexology;
• special massage techniques and practices;
• stretching elements (extension and stretching);
• Methods for restoring the body posture both in static and active position;
• exercises to improve the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system and others;
• Japanese facial massage to remove stress and tension.

Yumeiho therapy - a method of increasing the vital force of the body by returning to Nature, a method of eastern special Divine Massage built as a system by Massaiouki Sayongji
Eastern Special Divine Massage - Underlying the concept is the method of Divine Massage. About the Difference between Divine and Spiritual.
Divine method - Method given above, obtained from the inside, by internal absorption or enlightenment. An example of Divine Buddha is Aikido
Spiritual method-method, based on someone's earthly human experience, a method refracted by some earthly consciousness in its creation and introduction as a system.
Yumeiho therapy consists of the methodical application of a complex set of manual actions and physical exercises aimed at restoring the functional balance of the human organism. It combines complex processes at the physical and spiritual level, increases the life force of the body by returning to nature. This removes or improves a wide range of ailments that can lead to acute and chronic diseases.
Although this therapy was designed as a prophylaxis, Yumeiho is a healing method. It treats or reduces the causes of functional disorders that can become chronic diseases over time. Similarly, Yumeiho therapy can be used to prevent or cure the development of existing illnesses.
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