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Hello, my name is Hristo Gospodinov, I graduated from NSA "Vasile Levski" SDK Classic, East Asian and Anti-Cellulite Massage by Prof. Krajjikova. I have the (3-three) certificate from the Association of Physiotherapists in Bulgaria and the Japanese Diploma for Yumeiho Therapy from the Institute of Preventive Medicine and Practice Tokyo Japan and Certificate of Chiropractic and Structural Osteopathy.
I have been practicing basketball for 18 years, I thought this would be the realm in which I will develop and work in the future. I graduated from higher education at NSA "Vasil Levski", but I did not go to coaching because I was already familiar with the power of massage and manual therapy. In professional sports, I was often traumatized and found comfort by trusting alternative medicine. This led me to think that my new amplitude should be rooted in this kind of activity. I began to study all kinds of massages.
I am now trying to help each person deal with the problems that accompany him, and I am extremely pleased with this. The power of massage and manual therapy is to remove energy blockages and relax the body and spirit.
I am happy when my clients leave with satisfaction and gratitude!





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