jk. Reduta, 16-20 Detelin Voyvoda Str., Sofia 1000
How to get to Fullrelax?
Bus № 72, bus stop "KALIMANTSI"
Bus № 11, stop "109 OU"
Where to park if you are a car?
FullRelax has a parking lot where you can conveniently park your car.

Work time
monday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
tuesday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
wednesday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
thursday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
friday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
saturday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.
sunday:  8:00h. - 21:00h.

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+359 89 341 4609

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Contact us for bookings for a relevant massage or procedure, contact, more information or other inquiries as you can visit us at the address given.

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