Sports training massage

Възстановителен масажSports training massage is part of the training of professional athletes as well as leisure-time sportsmen for maintaining good shape.
The training of professional athletes is characterized by high intensity and high volume of physical workload and, on the other hand, significant demands on the athlete's psycho-emotional state during the competition period, this often leads to considerable body fatigue and trauma to the locomotory system.
The training massage is an excellent way to overcome these unfavorable conditions, to increase physical fitness and maintain a good sports form. It is one of the components of a training process and is part of the training of the sport.
It is widely used in all stages of sports training, most pronounced during the preparatory and transition periods.
The goal of the training massage is to prepare the athlete for the shortest time to achieve maximum achievement with minimal loss of psychophysical energy. It enhances the functional capabilities of the body, the general and special work capacity, supports the internal organs and improves the activity of the central nervous system.
Training massage has a direct dependence on the tasks of the workout. When training is to increase general physical training, massage covers all joints and muscles. If work is primarily done to improve the condition of the connective tissue, the training massage mainly involves smoothing and joining techniques combined with passive movements, active and resistance encounters.
The massage training intensifier finds great use in the preparatory stage of the training cycle when large physical loads are contraindicated because the body is not yet ready for them.
The training massage to maintain a sporting shape is used to maintain the functional state of the various organs and systems, as well as the degree of training in the event that the competitor can not train - in traumas, illnesses or long journeys.
The ability for active relaxation is an expression of good muscle coordination. It is very much needed for endurance loads requiring the economy of muscle work. Poor stretching reduces sports performance due to early onset fatigue, insufficient speed and poor muscle coordination. Flexibility in joints and muscles with permanent training. In these cases, massage is an excellent aid.

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