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- With an increased body temperature above 37.5 ° C;
- In skin diseases-eczema, lichens, rashes;
- For irritated skin from sun rays, ultraviolet erythemas, drugs, burns, bruises, etc .;
- In bleeding and bleeding of a different nature;
- Home homeopathy and haemorrhagic diatheses;
- The cortex is not massaged in renal and biliary colic with stones or sand, acute pain in the abdomen, hernias, soreness;
- An aneurysms, inflammation of the veins and large varicose enlargements;
- In acute infectious diseases;
- In inflammation of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes;
- In malignant tumors;
- In active form of tuberculosis and acute pulmonary diseases;
- In painful menstruation and cases of difficulty in retention of the fetus in pregnant women;
- For psychotic diseases with increased excitability: hysteria, schizophrenia, etc.
- As acute myocardial ischemic crisis;
- As acute attacks of hypertonic and hypotonic crises;
There are many, so we will list the main ones:
Total body massage is shown in all cases where it is applied to tone the body and improve metabolism. Applied to general physical weakness, severe illness, second-line anemia, obesity, gout, neurasthenia, fatigue, hypotonic illness and others
-After removal of the immobilization in fractures and bone fissures
Dystrophies, luxuries, stretching of muscles and tendons
Chronic inflammatory processes of joints and muscles;
- Arosia of muscles;
- Difficulty in joint mobility;
- Most healing wounds and ulcers;
- Postoperative rubs, adhesions and contractions;
- Floor step;
- Spinal cord hives;
- Weakness of muscles of subcutaneous connective tissue and some muscles;
- Local edema, infiltrates of subcutaneous connective tissue and some muscles;
- Hematomas in tissues;
- Decrease in abdominal muscles, stomach and intestine, obsession with stagnant life.
Neuritis, neuralgia, myalgia, cephalalgia, spasms and spasms in the muscles, paralysis or paralysis, functional nervous system disorders, and others.
In various gynecological diseases in their chronic stages.
Do not necessarily have pain in different types of massages.
We are not about to cause you pain. Our goal is your Health! Each patient receives a strictly individual approach, where the diagnosis of the problems emphasizes the application of a certain type of technique, depending on the specifics of the problem.
How quickly will I get results with different types of massages?
Most patients report incredible relief right after the first or second massage or treatment procedures.
What can help reduce inflammation, chronic and acute pain?
It is always hard to judge at what stage the inflammation is, but we will best estimate the location in the studio. To prevent the onset of chronic or health problems, you will reinforce your body by using the power of massage and therapies.
It is important to know what we will achieve with the power of massage and therapeutic procedures.
Suitable lingerie or sportswear for you.

The rich choice of massages and therapeutic procedures combined with relaxing massage techniques are applied by essential oils or base oils according to the individual preferences and needs of each client. Beautiful massage in Sofia only by Fullrelax. Quiet relaxing music and pleasant atmosphere complement the beneficial effect of the healing Massage in the studio Fullrelax located in the city of Sofia.The studio is located in the wide center of Sofia and offers free parking to Sofia Reduta.Center for Professional, Rehabilitation and Sport, Massages Sofia, kinesitherapy and physiotherapy Full Relax in Sofia has working hours from 08h to 21h from Monday to Sunday of address: sofia, Detelin Voyvoda Street 16-20 (to Festivalna) best massages in Sofia. Great place for relaxation and massages in Sofia.

  • SPA терапия „За Нея или Него с Много Любов“

    Терапията включва: Аромамасаж на гръб, аромамасаж на лице и масаж на стъпалата с етерични масла. Аромамасаж на гръб: Свойствата на етеричните масла са известни от хилядолетия. Ароматерапията е вид мануален масаж, при който комбинация от релаксиращ ... SPA терапия „За Нея или Него с Много Любов“

  • Класически масаж

    Масаж, който релаксира,отпуска или тонизира организма, премахва умората,стреса и напрежението и засилва имунната система.Подобрява циркулацията на течностите в организма, както и дейността на нервната система. Класическият масаж е отлично профилак ... Класически масаж

Information about massages in Sofia

Center for professional, rehabilitation and sports massages, kinesitherapy and physiotherapy Full Relax.
Address: Sofia, Reduta, Str. Dehradni Voyvoda 16-20 (nearby there is a convenient car park).
The best massages in Sofia! Bring your body with tone and beat the perceptions with our TOP massage offer in Sofia 






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