Classical massage

Класически масаж

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The classic massage has a beneficial effect by eliminating the accumulated fatigue on the whole body from the sedentary lifestyle, as well as the chronic pain in the back and waist.
Massage strengthens blood circulation, improves the lymphatic system and the activity of the nervous system. The classic massage is an excellent prophylactic for everyday health! The massage offered is suitable for general body stiffness caused by the sedentary lifestyle. The classic massage is established in the healing practice of our Fullrelax Center for Classical, Medical, Professional, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage. We will individually address your needs whether you suffer from stress, discomfort, restlessness, or pain in the back or the whole body. Prophylactic application of classical massage will improve your physical and emotional condition as well as prevent the recurrence of symptoms. Each massage procedure is applied individually depending on the condition of the client.

The classical massage is one of the most ancient remedies used to remove back and waist pain as well as to restore the human health. Classical massage affects the whole organism by improving and strengthening the functions of all systems and organs in it. Skin receptors perceive and transport the external effects of massage techniques inside the body and provide a beneficial effect on a number of organs and vital systems. Achieving improved metabolism, accelerating blood circulation, and increasing the release of metabolites and toxins from the body. The classic massage is the most typical representative of the manual massage.
Classic massage is used to normalize the body's functions in various types of trauma and illness.
The client is lying on the massage couch at the bedside position and is comfortable with it. The following basic massage techniques are used: smoothing, rubbing, crushing, shock-vibration techniques and passive movements. Various additional and combined techniques are applied to each basic technique, the application of which depends on the disease, its development, the functional disorders and the part of the body, which is treated. Depending on the nature of the inflammation, a classic massage can be applied every day, every other day or at the discretion of the masseuse.

Classic back massage, weist, hands and feet plus healing massage on painful zones. Pain in the back, back and sciatica, stiff neck and upper back pain, back and leg pain, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and migraine, bruising, emotional imbalance. Classic massage (back, weist or whole body plus back pain and sciatica, stiff neck and back, back and leg pain, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and migraine, fatigue, emotional imbalance.
Classical massage (Whole body massage and pain-relieving massage of a painful area of choice)during pain in back, weist and sciatica, stiff neck and back, back and leg pain, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and Migraine, bruising.

TOP Price (30minutes) -23lv. (60 minutes) -30lv

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